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And of course ass fucking isn't daring or different, but it is to those young guys who grew up in the boring old suburbs. I had a female friend who worked as a phone sex worker back in the late '80s.

She told me that nearly EVERY guy who called wanted to talk about anal sex.

Being heterosexual is not about being to fuck pussy anymore than being gay is about being able to fuck an ass.

Being straight is about wanting to be with a woman -- being intimate with a woman emotionally and physically, however the man and woman work those things out, heterosexual intimacy is what feels natural.

One member is a known police officer, while another works in education.

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I usually wouldn't generalize about how most people feel about anything, but what you said is wrong.

I think they like it because it's probably harder to get than vaginal intercourse so it's something "new," or because it's a dominance thing, or as an earlier poster suggested, because of the taboo.

But I really don't know anything about straight guys so I could be talking out of my ass (sorry for that). Most straight men don't focus in on anal sex as much as gay men do, for rather obvious reasons.

Anonymous will continue to monitor the KKK servers and disrupt their websites.

[1] The list, accompanied by images, can be found here.

The listed KKK names include: John Michael Heather Michell Michael Terry Aaron Daniel E. King (Police Member) Gary Burnette (Military Veteran) Dawn Goddard (Education Co-Ordinator) Chad Burris Dale Newton Stephen Joseph Henson Justin Daniel Keith Biskup Ryan Biskup Mike Stag Dennis Korn Tasha George Frank Acona Malissa Acona Michelle Acona Richard Akia Nichols David Borst (Former Deputy Police Chief) George Hunnewell (Former Deputy Police Chief) Anonymous #Op KKK: We are Anonymous.

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