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Nolde was particularly fascinated by the port and its hustle and bustle.In 1910 he stayed at the hotel ‘Under the Vorsetzen’.

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In the years 1906 to 1907, Nolde was a member of the artist group ‘Die Brücke’, and he met Edvard Munch in Berlin during that time.After his training in wood carving and drawing at the art school of Flensburg, he worked for various furniture factories in Germany.From 1892 to 1898, he taught design at the Gewerbemuseum in St. Nolde became known with small color drawings of Swiss mountains, of which he also produced postcards.He subsequently produced more than one hundred works, of which today there is a majority in the Nolde Foundation in Seebüll.

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Condition: The sheet is in a good condition according to age.

The printed oeuvre of Emil Nolde comprises, in addition to woodcuts and etchings, numerous lithographs created by the artist since 1907.

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