Dating christian websites

19-Oct-2017 14:03

To make this list, they not only need to have bad information, they also need to be popular enough to warrant our attention.

Many of these sites promote some particular ideology, but I want to be clear that that's not why they're here.

For a starting point of reference,'s ranking is currently about 40,000, meaning that 40,000 websites in the United States get more traffic than I do.

And, compared to the number of websites there are, that number is actually not half bad — but note how it compares to some of these sites promoting misinformation.

Even more than a decade after 9/11, 911 still manages to find and post articles almost daily promising to reveal new evidence proving the conspiracy.

Alexa ranked #650 Google Page Rank 6 The sales portal of alternate medicine author Joseph Mercola has received at least three warnings from the U. Food and Drug Administration to stop making illegal health claims about the efficacy of its products.

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In 2009, published a lengthy critique of Huff Po's unscientific (and often exactly wrong) health advice, subtitled Huff Po's tradition is neither new nor just a once-in-a-while thing.Of course this changes over time, so I'm rounding them off to give a general idea of each site's traffic.