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Watch the film and you will know exactly what he desired. At that point of time,the boy had put his cock inside the woman’s ass and was starting to pound it.

We separedted and I told her-Uncle wanted to show you something. Uncle has brought the film to show you this only specially and after that he would have fucked you ass like the boy.

I took Aunty’s hand and placed it on my cock which was already hard and said-I have an thick 8 incher. We both looked at the TV and at that point of time,the boy had the woman on all her fours and was kissing her ass. I said- See Aunty,your pussy is not tight as it used to be and its new way of having pleasure.

We both looked at the film and at that time,woman was sucking the boys cock hard. She was grabbing my cock over my pants and started creasing it. I said-I admit that Aunty,you find it rather discomforting as you never seen or even thought of this kind of thing but its one way of sex and as most Indian woman have the assholes virgin,many husbands after seeing these kind of films which are flourishing in the market now a dasys,wants to try it too. She looked at me and said-You too are a freak like him?

Prabhita Aunty was there and she said-He had brought some DVD and we wanted to see them. She said-Ok then start the DVD and sit with me on the sofa. Then inch by inch I went in and she was saying-Ooh,aah,umoh,ungh etc. Now come on, You have a lots of other things to do please your Aunty as she has fulfilled your desire. That night I fucked her in many positions as instructed by her,ate her pussy and drank her sweet love juice and in the morning while leaving,she desired for another cream drink which I obeliged.

Since he is not here,why don’t we both watch it together? I said-Yes Aunty but in my heart, I was saying-My dinner is you Aunty and tonight I will have you to my full. The first scene was a mature lady smooching a young boy and caressing his cock. She screamed again and I asked her to push her head to pillow to suppress her voice.

I said-I know You are alone Aunty and you might wanted to pass sometime by watching a movie. Then I connected the DVD player to the TV and asked her for DVD so that I can test it. I stopped the film there and said-Time to get into action now Aunty. She gasped at my cock and said-You have a real monster Arun. I said-You will have my big fat cock servicing you tonight and the time to come. She was a expert in that and sucked my cock with various techniques. After watching these things in film, I was first hesitant but your Uncle forced me and now I enjoy this. She was wet by then and also started to leak some liquds.

Uncle was a technician in my fathers office and also a close friend of him because both of them started their jobs in the office at the same time. I had some knwloedge of it as I saw my friend of that CD/DVD shop repair it. As I expected,tomorrow morning,after Sonu left, Uncle called me to his house and said-Arun,our DVD player is not working at all. Uncle didn’t say anything but I think he made the compromise and I thought-Sorry Uncle, Aunty’s ass will be mine by then. I went to Aunty’s house with the DVD player one night at 9 pm and knocker at the door. I said-Well, I know Uncle borrows this kind of films regularly and I think its you who joins him in watching the film and then the hot sex after that. My friend is witness because he owns the parlour from where Uncle gets these films. I know at my age, I should control myself but I cant. Aunty said-He says it ok and we don’t need to go to a Dcotor. Aunty looked at the screen and the woman was screaming in pleasure. I want to fill my ass with your cock and your cumload. Soon everything will be alright and you will enjoy it. I said-And I will let the secret out of you and Uncle having sex while watching Porn films. Then he gradually opened her both ass cheeks and spitted on her asshole and began to lick it. Just look at the woman in the film how after initial discomfort she is just enjoying now.She had yet to tell Elizabeth and me exactly why they were evicted, but I had the feeling it was something to do with bat-shit crazy Amanda.

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Aunt Sally and Mom were sisters, but despite living in the same city they barely ever talked over the phone, let alone actually visit each other.Usually, we’d be fucking like animals right about now, but we just sat, watching some bland TV show like a regular, boring family.