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But the groom underestimates the power of the automatic weapon and soon begins to fire at the table itself, sending food flying and shooting the photographer.The victim was rushed to Mount Lebanon's Bhannes Medical Center for treatment for an unspecified injury.'Relatives of the groom who [appeared to have shot] the photographer brought the victim to the hospital,' Executive Director at Bhannes Medical Center Michel Chahine told The Daily Star.Steve’s bath is an equally light moment in a film that understands that for every big, intense fight scene, a few jokes may be appreciated by the audience. Because here’s the movie’s inside joke with its female audience: that the woman the men are trying to belittle on screen is literally Wonder Woman, and those clichéd phrases like “I am woman, hear me roar” really apply to her.(It must be noted that she is also white, able-bodied, and cisgender, and therefore still, in this fictional world, representative of many powers and privileges not afforded to many women in the real world.)Objectifying Steve works as a joke, in part because like Gal Gadot, actor Chris Pine is conventionally attractive according to Hollywood standards.He said: 'I honestly do not have an explanation why they did that...They brought a victim of their actions [to the hospital], then began hitting those trying to tend to the victim.'When asked if there was security at the hospital, Chahine said it has never been necessary due to the calmness of the area.' 'Our doors are open to those in need,' he said.The moment is mostly played for laughs: The princess of Themyscira has never seen a man before, so it doesn’t cross her mind to maybe give Steve his privacy, and she instead interrogates him about the world he came from like it’s totally natural to have this conversation while he’s naked.

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(You don’t see anything explicit, but you do see him shielding his penis with his hands while she stares him down.) Even with only implied nudity, it capably holds up a mirror to our society; we have a long way to go for parity, and not just regarding nude scenes.Maybe it’s being hailed as such because it’s the first female-led superhero movie in over a decade, and it’s not half-bad; maybe it’s because director Patty Jenkins capably handled a genre that gives dudes unlimited chances to blow things up with CGI; or maybe it’s because the history of Wonder Woman traces back to the roots of the suffragist movement (however problematic the movement was).Maybe it was those women-only screenings that pissed quite a few men off, or just the fact that the entire basic premise is literally that it's up to a woman to save the world.This is the shocking moment a groom who was spraying bullets into the sky during his Lebanese ceremony lost control and shot the photographer.

Footage shows the man casually holding the AK47 with one hand while sitting at a table surrounded by people, before firing a hail of bullets into air in the town of Bteghrin.

As such, she’s more amused than anything, and Steve is left meekly peacocking about how he is “slightly above average” compared to his peers.