Obamacare website sex offender registry

25-Dec-2017 13:14

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Steve Petersen sits at a computer at the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office in Waterloo, Iowa, in this undated recent photo.

The sheriff’s office tracks people required to provide information for the Iowa Sex Offender Registry. more WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) - Iowa’s Sex Offender Registry marked its 20th anniversary this year.

Information, including photographs, is updated every 30 minutes.“We don’t know what information a parent gleaned from that that helped a parent make a good decision,” Cowman added.

The Iowa Sex Offender Research Council’s annual report in 2014 noted what its members considered another reality:“Despite evidence suggesting that registration policies do little to reduce sex offenses or improve public safety, sex offender registration and public notification are very popular,” according to the report.

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Based on his experience, the list does little to prevent crime.“I do not believe the sex offender registry laws have any deterrent to keep people from committing sexual abuse crimes - any more than the penalties for the sex crime itself deters,” Petersen said. As an obvious example, Petersen noted murder is illegal, but people still commit murder. Prescott at the University of Michigan and Jonah Rockoff at Columbia University determined laws that require sex offenders to register may, indeed, reduce the chances those people will offend again.

obamacare website sex offender registry-84

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He supervises 13 civilian employees who verify and input data for the website as well as five special agents who investigate non-compliance issues.“The value of the Iowa Sex Offender Registry I can sum up in two words: information sharing,” Cowman said.

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