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An alternate version was originally released to television that includes scenes which were edited from the theatrical edition. Once again in this movie Jason continues his revenge across the area on yet another new group 4 days after his first murder spree and 2 days after his 2nd killing spree but will this be Jason's very own end?

The film opens to a joint police and paramedic operation at Crystal Lake's Higgins Haven property, as the bodies of several teenagers are placed on ambulances after a massacre the following evening.

Included with the bodies is the hideously deformed Jason Voorhees, serial killer of Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3.

After having been hit in the head with an axe at the end of the previous film, he is mistaken for dead and taken to the Wessex County morgue.

Concluding, I'm starting to think that my vocabulary is short for such a masterpiece of a series, and the only sadness I due to the long wait that I'll have for another season!

A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right.

See full summary » Wessex County, England during the Victorian era. These mores and her interactions with two men play a large part in what happens in the young life of peasant girl, the shy, innocent, proper yet proud Tess Durbeyfield. After learning from a local historian that they are really descendants of the aristocratic d'Urberville family which has died out due to lack of male heirs, Tess' parents send her to a nearby mansion where they know some d'Urbervilles actually reside.Later that night, Jason wakes up and kills Axel the coroner by slitting his throat with a surgical hacksaw and snapping his neck; Morgan the nurse is soon after gutted with a scalpel by Jason as he makes his escape back to Crystal Lake.