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13-Aug-2017 12:47

These problems may be as small as frustrated admins who can’t access and support virtual servers from a central management console.

Or as large as a full-blown outage and corruption of the v Center database.

Since 2007, I estimate 80% of all the VMware problems I have dealt with were network or storage related.

That’s not to say it was the network or storage admins fault.

Answer: When hardware is not supported there are known issues that will happen and VMware cannot help to resolve problems due to unsupported hardware.

Why are these questions about server hardware important?

The stem of the word "complexity" - complex - combines the Latin roots com (meaning "together") and plex (meaning "woven").

Contrast "complicated" where plic (meaning "folded") refers to many layers.

For more information about setting up v Sphere and ESXi, I’ve put together a list of the best VMware books that cover v Sphere, Horizon, v Center, VCP Exams and more.A datastore should never be allowed to fill up 100%.Managing storage in a v Sphere is an important job that can get a junior v Sphere admins in big trouble!Since 2006 I have had the awful job of having to clean up behind admins that would build v Center and ESX/ESXi on any hardware they found. This is not only a bad practice but it also leads to unplanned maintenance and costly outages that impact users and customers.

Answer: The interactive install will require you to follow along and fill in the configuration information whereas, in a scripted install, the configuration information will be queried from an unattended text file (boot.cfg).Answer: It depends on the size of the VMs and the performance of the storage.

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