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This team may be made up of the members of the shared leadership team, or it could be composed of other staff members in the building as long as all departments are represented.

Opting for the latter provides leadership opportunities for staff members who are not already formal teacher leaders.

We recommend that you first form a team that, with training and guidance, will introduce the concept of a vision, facilitate and engage faculty in the process of writing one, and synthesize the multiple values and visions that the faculty develops.

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For you to get the most out of your vision, you must first remove the barriers from making it an integral, vibrant facet of the school community.One of the first obstacles that will come up is people's fear of change.Creating or adjusting a vision statement is an unmistakable indicator of imminent change.It is helpful to have an idea of the internal dialogues your staff members will likely be having before, during, and even after the development of the new vision.

(This also applies to the development of a new mission.) Listening to and validating staff members' thoughts will help them cope with the change as they ask themselves the following questions: Another potential obstacle to creating a powerful vision is the reality that vision statements are often created perfunctorily and lack follow-through.

Such statements are rarely understood or acknowledged by others in the school, and who can blame them? Although school leadership must have a vision for the future, it should be used as a way to open up a dialogue rather than be handed down from on high.

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