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17-Dec-2017 17:38

For all of its noir touches, tough talk and witty banter, “Gangster Squad” frequently looks more like a series of outtakes from “The Untouchables” than a story about how the LAPD neutered Cohen and kept the East Coast and Midwest gangs from gaining a foothold in Southern California.

To get a more factual take on Cohen, viewers will want to check out the various background featurettes included in the Blu-ray package.

In Italy, the Django character was deemed so iconic – yes, that overused, if entirely appropriate adjective, again – that similarly named desperadoes appeared in a couple dozen other Westerns, with and without the coffin.

It’s entirely appropriate, then, that one of the sub-genre’s most ardent proponents would borrow the character’s name when he got around to making his own Spaghetti Western.

Given 165 minutes of screen time, a 130-day shooting schedule and 0 million of someone else’s money, Tarantino was able to create the movie he’s been dreaming of making for a quarter-century.

It would have taken him almost the same amount of time to come up with the many references, homages, sight and audio gags that appear throughout the movie.

If “Gangster Squad” didn’t make quite the splash the combined talents of its cast might have warranted, it’s because the Aurora multiplex massacre occurred while a trailer for the film showed gangsters shooting tommy guns through a projection screen.

(He considers himself to be a Francophile, but is too lazy to learn French.) There’s no point in revealing much else beyond that setup, except to remind those who haven’t seen “Unchained” that it’s extremely violent and almost unbelievably profane, while also being wildly funny in the darkest sort of way possible.

Naturally, quite a fuss has been made over Tarantino’s frequent use of the n-word here – 120, at last count – and, after a while, it becomes more tiresome than shocking.

It was immediately pulled and a scene had to be reshot, necessitating a new release date.

One needn’t have been familiar with the 1966 Spaghetti Western classic “Django” to have thoroughly enjoyed – or, at least, admired – Quentin Tarantino’s violent crowd-pleaser, “Django Unchained,” in its theatrical release.– Django and Schultz intend to make Candie a deal he can’t refuse on Broomhilda.

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